Water and Sewer Commission

       The Alleghany County Water and Sewer Commission meets the first Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the Alleghany County Government Complex, Public Works Department, Suite A, Conference Room.

       The Water and Sewer Commission is authorized to make and administer rules and regulations governing water and sewer services throughout the County.  Requests from customers regarding the system shall first be presented to the Director of Public Works for a decision, and if the customer is not satisfied by the decision of the Director of Public Works, he shall have the right to petition the Water and Sewer Commission for relief.  Decisions of the Commission may be submitted to the Board of Supervisors for review, but shall become final within 30 days if not vetoed by the Board of Supervisors.

       For questions regarding the Water and Sewer Commission, call the Public Works Department at (540) 863-6650, 9212 Winterberry Avenue, Suite A, Covington, VA 24426 or by e-mail at slayman@co.alleghany.va.us

    Agendas and minutes for the current and previous year are on the website.  To view prior years, please contact Susan Layman at (540) 863-6650 or via email at slayman@co.alleghany.va.us.

2013 AGENDAS                                                         2013 MINUTES


February 7, 2013 Meeting                                                            February 7, 2013 Meeting

March 7, 2013 Meeting                                                                March 7, 2013 Meeting

May 2, 2013 Meeting                                                                    May 2, 2013 Meeting

July 11, 2013 Meeting                                                                   July 11, 2013 Meeting

August 1, 2013 Meeting                                                                August 1, 2013 Meeting

September 5, 2013 Meeting                                                        September 5, 2013 Meeting

October 17, 2013 Meeting                                                            October 17, 2013 Meeting

November 7, 2013 Meeting                                                          November 7, 2013 Meeting


2014 AGENDAS                                                         2014 MINUTES

January 9, 2014 Meeting                                                              January 9, 2014 Meeting

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